Fellowship of the Crossroads

Fellowship of the Crossroads (FOTC) needed a new design for their church due to a previous web developer abandoning and leaving it unfinished. They are currently in the middle of building a new facility which will be opening up later this year. Skip Mozisek (Creative Arts Pastor) reached out to Echo Design Solutions to take over and redo the site from the ground up. Funny story, Skip was actually my old boss from back in the day. Years ago, I worked at a megachurch back in 2004 in Corpus Christi, Texas and Skip was the one who hired me to do all things tech. I shot and edited video, did graphic design, printwork and handled the church’s website and coding. Fast forward, Skip is now the Creative Arts Pastor at FOTC.

The brand new site is custom-built from the ground up, designed to suit the needs of the church. Echo Design Solutions utilized WordPress for the site and content management system. We provided a way through WordPress for FOTC to be able to update all aspects, including a looping video. FOTC required a unique approach for site updates. FOTC uses Subsplash to update a church app that the church and congregation utilizes to push out media, sermons, news and building updates. Subsplash provides code that we could use for the new part of the site that gets pulled from Subsplash. Now, Skip can update parts of the site through his Subsplash dashboard!

Another unique feature we built was an integration to Boxcast, which is what FOTC uses to broadcast their sermons live. We built out a page that integrates with Boxcast and on top of that we built a countdown timer for the live service.

Lastly we integrated their giving system so visitors can give through the online platform. A user will remain on their site and not have to transfer to an offsite location to give to the church.

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Posted on: August 31st, 2021

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