Healthy Gut Nutrition Site Redesign

Annette Gettinger from Healthy Gut Nutrition approached us to do a simple one page redesign of her website. At first we were going to use Squarespace for the build but decided that she was more comfortable with WordPress. Her initial design was a default template that did not have an organized layout so it was hard to decipher what the page was trying to accomplish. After several meetings we quickly identified what were the most important things to try and accomplish and moved forward with planning and wireframing. Echo Design Solutions provided a wireframe design that showed how the most important items can be integrated and how they should be shown for the end user. User experience is very important when it comes to how you plan your site design and where you choose your information to go. If you don’t get this portion right you can be missing out on some good leads.

The next phase after wireframing is the actual design. We matched the brand to her design and created a slick, simple and forward looking design. We use the latest technology for design for all of our projects. For this particular project we used Adobe XD to provide the best layout options available for Annette.

We then started the WordPress install and used Advanced Custom Fields Pro to make sure all areas of the design are tied together so Annette can easily update her own site. This project was set up as a hand off to the client so it was important that we built it for her to be able to use. We did a training at the end of the project to give her insight on how she should update the site.

The best words we received from Annette were the following: “I wanted to say, since the launch of my website, my conversion rate with leads has gone up! Thank you!”

A happy customer makes us happy.

Posted on: November 15th, 2021

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