Website Redesign and Platform Migration for Bridgeway Church

Bridgeway Church

(The Client)

The Challenge

Bridgeway Church's online presence was hindered by an outdated website built on GoDaddy’s web builder. This not only made content updates cumbersome but also incurred high costs, including a $800 yearly charge for services they weren’t utilizing. The website's design was not mobile-friendly, failing to reflect the church's vibrant community. The lack of a modern, responsive website and the complexity of the existing platform presented significant challenges in engaging with their congregation and beyond.

The Solution

The comprehensive solution undertaken focused on several key aspects:

  1. Platform Migration: The first step was transitioning from GoDaddy’s web builder to Statamic. This move was critical in addressing the website's limited functionality and high maintenance costs. Statamic, known for its flexibility and user-friendliness, offered a more robust foundation for the church's online needs. This transition was carefully planned and executed to ensure minimal disruption to the church’s online activities.
  2. Website Redesign: A major part of the project was the redesign of the website. The new design aimed to reflect the church's ethos and mission, with a focus on creating an engaging, contemporary look that resonates with both existing members and potential new visitors. The redesign included intuitive navigation, a visually appealing layout, and interactive elements to enhance user engagement. Special attention was given to ensure the site was responsive across various devices, particularly mobile phones, to accommodate the growing number of users accessing the web on the go.
  3. Cost Management and Recovery: A critical element of the solution was addressing the financial inefficiencies of the previous system. This involved a detailed review of the existing costs and identifying areas where expenses could be cut. The recovery of the $800 annual charge for unused services was a significant achievement, providing the church with more financial flexibility.
  4. Empowering Content Management: To ensure the church staff could easily manage the website post-launch, training on Statamic’s control panel was provided. This empowered them to update content regularly, keeping the site dynamic and current. By enabling the staff to handle these updates internally, the church could avoid additional costs and delays associated with external web management services.

The Results

The overhaul of Bridgeway Church's website led to transformative outcomes. The new, modern website enhanced the user experience, making it more engaging and accessible. The church witnessed cost savings and gained financial clarity. The ability for the church staff to independently manage the website content marked a significant shift towards greater autonomy and responsiveness. Ultimately, the project strengthened Bridgeway Church's online identity, better reflecting its mission and facilitating increased engagement with the community.

We had such a great experience working with Echo Design Solutions. 100% recommend 👌🏽

- Kadie Lopez